Phyllis Rosser
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Natural Driftwood Sculptures in NYC

Each of the natural driftwood sculptures that I have created over the last 30 years here in NYC has a dynamic energy. They range from 12 inches to 8 feet in length and feature driftwood pieces of different shapes, sizes and colors. My sculptures have the potential to command any space.

Collected from the Connecticut River Falls in Bellows Falls, VT, every piece of driftwood that I use is left in the condition that it was found. Washed free of its bark and baked in the sun along the shoreline, the wood conveys a natural beauty and I feel little need to alter it in any way. There are certain instances where I may choose to partially paint the surface with colors to accentuate the mood I'm trying to create, but most of my driftwood sculptures consist of pieces that have been left completely bare.

That means I never cut, shape or trim the driftwood pieces from the river. I find that simply using shapes that complement one another and weaving them together to create the right pattern is what truly brings each sculpture to three-dimensional life.